Accidental Hobby

When I was writing my paper for my research class for my master’s, I had no time to write fiction. Writing involves planning, researching, thinking which takes time to do. The fulfillment comes after all my thoughts are written down.  I was frustrated because writing fiction was my long-time hobby. It was my stress-reliever. I needed a new stress reliever that gave instant fulfillment…I never thought it was possible until my beau introduced me to photography.

I wasn’t really planning on doing photography considering the cost of equipment and my lack of knowledge and skills about the hobby. Nevertheless, when my beau gave me his DSLR, I started taking more interest in photography. Whenever I got the chance, I joined him during photo shoots with his photography club.

As they say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I couldn’t agree more because I found mundane things interesting. My favorite subjects are ordinary, everyday things that you usually see but probably don’t notice. Below are some of my first photos. It’s quite unbelievable because the third photo won as Best Pic of the Day when I entered it in a photo contest. It was overwhelming to a newbie like me.

winning pic2

After the first few shots, I got hooked on photography. It gave me a certain kind of high whenever I took beautiful shots. When a shot doesn’t strike my fancy, I can easily delete it and take another shot. Below are some of my favorite shots.


Sadly, I had to complete my research paper so I had to give up photography and my camera  for the very reason I needed a new hobby.  My love for photography has not diminished a bit. Each time I find an interesting subject, I pull out my mobile phone and take a shot of the photo-worthy subject; with a silent wish to do photography again in the future.


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